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Becky? Who? Me? (Blog from Therapy Den)

Blog by Catherine Wilson, LPC on TherapyDen
I am a therapist, and a white woman. I’ve always considered and thought of myself as against racism, and absolutely not a racist. I was secure in that, and therapists are supposed to have a handle on things like this, you know. We are supposed to be non-judgmental, we are supposed to be self-aware, and we are supposed to be accepting of all. 
However, about a year ago, after noticing an interesting Facebook post, I experienced a harsh dose of reality. 
The post was about a person’s recent encounter with a “Becky.” If you are white, you might say, “What’s a Becky?” I said the same thing, so I went to my usual source for definitions of what I suspected was slang – my kids. 
According to my daughter, a Becky is, “a white woman who has no idea she is a racist.” As we explored this topic, a commenter on the Facebook post dropped in a link to an article titled The 5 Types of ‘Becky’ by Michael Harriot.
With a fair amount of contempt, because of co…