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C is for Cookie

I am sitting at my desk, neck deep in grading, writing for my dissertation, and weeding through my overflowing email box. What is on my desk next to me? Sometimes it is a bag of tortilla chips or box if Cheez-its. Other times it might be a package of cookies, candy, or other sweets. Am I hungry? Absolutely not! Am I even enjoying what I am eating? Absolutely not! 
Are you familiar with this scenario? Perhaps you are dealing with another type of stressor or feeling lonely, depressed, anxious.... We, as people, can be really good at eating our emotions. This can lead to many issues, including poor health and not actually addressing our emotional experiences.
Some advice from US News & World Report (
"First, it helps to think about the future rather than just that moment. Refocus on the long-term health benefits of good nutrition, and remind yourself how much more important they are…

Help! I Can't Sleep

The past two weeks have been a (not literal) nightmare for me as far as sleep is concerned. Trouble falling asleep, waking throughout the night, tossing and turning, night sweats..... As a person who typically passes out fairly quick and stays asleep for the night (except the occasions where a child comes in with some middle of the night crisis), this has been quite difficult for me. I know myself well enough to know that I am not well rested I can be quite cranky and my anxiety starts to sky-rocket. Knowing this, I make it a point to prioritize sleep and make it as restful and restorative as possible. I can make some guesses as to why the past few weeks have been so difficult and work toward resolution so that I can, once again, sleep more peacefully. I found some really great tips on proper sleep hygiene ("5 Sleep-Promoting CBT Techniques for Insomnia" (Issue 399)). These are some helpful ideas on how to prepare for a healthy night sleep.

Get outside in natural light. A …