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Holiday Depression

Every year right after Halloween I sometimes get a small sad feeling inside. It isn't always very noticeable, especially when I am busy, but its there. Usually I am most aware of it before I go to sleep at night and when I am especially tired (which frequently happens during the holidays). Many people share a similar feeling, others may have it to a lesser degree and some feel it very strong. Those who feel it most intensely may even develop clinical depression or suicidal thinking. 

There are many reasons why these feelings can present themselves this time of year - expectations of self, family, friends, society during the gift giving holidays, the desire or pressure to attend many events and visits, the realization of a lack of funds, income, or ability to celebrate the way one wants or feels pressure to, and so on. Strained relationships with family and friends, lost loved ones, and even distance from loved ones can intensify these feelings.

I often feel the pressure to live up t…

When Political Discussions Become Toxic

I can be quite a passionate person. When I have a cause that is near and dear to my heart, I can run full speed ahead for the justice I feel is deserved. This does not always make me popular amongst my online "friends." There have been a number of "battles" fought over political and social beliefs. I must admit that even thought many come as a result of others arguing on my initial posts, there are times I comment on others posts and get the fire started. I wonder if this sounds familiar to you?

In a world of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it is easy to find an argument to engage in. Sometimes the argument is with our closest friends and family. Historically, there were two things you never discussed at the dinner table - religion and politics. What topics do we commonly see discussed on social media?  Religion and politics. This can be a recipe for disaster, especially when holiday functions and family get-togethers include those with whom y…